Daily Archives: September 13, 2019

Des dirigeants internationaux lancent une commission révolutionnaire pour sauver 840 millions de personnes dans le monde de la pauvreté énergétique

La Fondation Rockefeller a annoncé aujourd’hui le lancement de la Global Commission to End Energy Poverty (Commission mondiale contre la pauvreté énergétique ou GCEEP). La Commission définira un nouveau programme visant à approvisionner des centaines de millions de personnes en

Scientists create embryos to save northern white rhinos

Conservationists have successfully created two northern white rhino embryos in a key step towards pulling the species back from the brink of extinction, scientists in Italy said Wednesday.

There are only two survivors in the world, and both are female …

Nigerian MPs Face Backlash, Lawsuit Over Luxury Car Budget

ABUJA – It’s unprecedented.

Thousands of Nigerians have joined a lawsuit seeking to block members of the Senate from using public money to buy luxury cars. The suit was initiated by rights groups that became tired of government corruption.

More …

Sudan, South Sudan Leaders Agree to Reopen Borders

JUBA , SOUTH SUDAN – The leaders of South Sudan and Sudan have agreed to reopen border areas between their countries in a bid to boost trade and the free movement of people.

The agreement between new Sudanese Prime Minister …

Marchers Want New Judiciary in Sudan to Try Bashir

KHARTOUM – Sudanese protesters marched on the presidential palace Thursday, demanding the country’s new leaders establish an independent judiciary to prosecute ousted president Omar al-Bashir and supporters of his regime.

Protesters said they are angry over what they consider mock …