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Angels Specialists School International holds annual Awards of Excellence ceremony

The Angel Specialist School International (ASSI) has held its annual awards of excellence ceremony to recognise and reward outstanding achievements in academics, work, and departmental performances.

The ceremony honoured pupils, teachers, and staff with awards, recognising their outstanding achievements and dedication.

Pupils received awards in various categories, including best student in subjects such as mathematics, science, and English and most improved student in different classes, acknowledging their significant progress and growth.

Mrs. Jacinta Manful Eshun, the Human Resource Manager of Angel Specialist International, said the awards ceremony was aimed at not only recognising and rewarding outstanding achievements but also motivating the school population to strive for excellence and set high standards.

Mrs. Eshun, speaking with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), stressed the school’s commitment to excellence, aiming to instill diligence, effectiveness, and efficiency in its pupils and staff, saying tha
t the school seeks to bring out the best in everyone and acknowledge hard work and dedication.

She noted the significant impact of the awards on the student body and teachers, citing improvements in students and the need to recognise the most improved performances to serve as motivation for others.

She expressed pride in the school’s achievements, which aspire to meet international standards in all aspects, adding that the school’s goal was to produce individuals who will make a positive impact globally by instilling values of hard work and dedication that benefit society.

Miss Ewurabena Asantewaa Ansoh, a high-achieving pupil who received an impressive six awards, attributed her success to her strong faith in God and dedication to studying and research.

She encouraged her mates to prioritise their academic pursuits and trust in God to achieve their goals.

Some parents expressed their delight, noting that recognising and celebrating their children’s achievements motivates them to excel even more academic

They commended the school leadership and teachers for their dedication and efforts in fostering a supportive and excellence-driven environment.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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