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Angola’s wholesale price index stands at 2.27%

The overall inflation of the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in Angola reached 2.27 percent in August this year, with imported products contributing the most, with 1.62 percentage points, that is, 71% of the amount, ANGOP has learnt.

National products contributed with 0.65 percentage points, accounted for 29% of the value of global inflation, according to the data published by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

Global inflation recorded an increase of 0.36 percentage points, higher than that recorded in the previous period and 1.15 percentage points, higher than that recorded in the same period last year.

The year-on-year variation of the WPI stood at 17.79% in August this year. There was a decrease of 6.42%, compared to the same period of the previous


The trend of year-on-year variation in the last 3 years up to March is increasing, reversing its direction from April 2022, with values of 30.07%, according to the document.

National products rise

The document states that during the month of August 2023, the prices of national products increased by 2.45% compared to the month of July, with Section D – Manufacturing Industries having the biggest price increase recorded, reaching to 2 .52%.

The products that had the greatest price variation in this group were beef (3.80%), goat meat (3.78%), school notebooks (3.75%), wheat flour (3.70%), 2nd grade mathematics book (3.66%), frozen horse mackerel (3.63%), pencil (3.59%), corn flour (3.58%) and carbonated drinks (3.52%).

The list includes offal (3.49%), charcoal pencils (3.36%), pork (3.25%), frozen croaker (3.19%), frozen snapper (3.12 %), beer (3.00%), smoked catfish (2.76%), soybean oil (2.69%) and bar soap (2.44%).

Imported products also increased in August by 2.21% in relation to the previous month. The increase was influenced by the price variation seen in Section D-manufacturing industries, with 2.24%.

The products that increased the most in price were white rice (9.18%), soybean oil (5.29%), cane sugar (5.15%), wheat flour (4.22%), frozen chicken (4.06%), notebook (3.62%), pasta (3.20%), sunflower oil (3.09%), olive oil (3.08%), 2nd class book (3.06%), among other products.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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