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Article Wan shares life story with introspective single ‘Judge?Me’

Multiple award-winning singer Article Wan has dropped his highly anticipated ‘Judge Me’ as he shares lessons learned in the music industry.

The new single, which is deeply personal, sees Article Wan unfolding some turn of events in his life with people being judgmental about his actions. 

The lyrics of the song thus provide some form of respite to people going through the same situation, showcasing the power of music to heal and unite people. 

‘Nobody superb, nobody perfect, nobody be saint, nobody 100% and nobody is too clean. Na who tell you say make you judge me, na you just dey vex me. My brother, don’t be quick to judge me…,’ excerpts of the lyrics say as Article Wan expresses his emotion.   

The music sensation on the new masterpiece goes on to express gratitude for a long and stellar life in an interesting storyline. 


Article Wan’s latest single celebrates life, blessings, and acknowledges the challenges that have led to the beautiful moments of stardom. 


The new single is currently availa
ble across various streaming platforms, with the video set to be released in the coming weeks.  

Source: Ghana News Agency

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