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Assemblyman touts achievement as he seeks re-election

Mr Isaac Kwaku Kaliwa, the Assembly member of KpareKpare Electoral Area, says he has achieved success as the representative in the Municipal Assembly.

The aspiring assemblyman said the electoral area gained greater visibility due to his active participation in the deliberations of the House and all key sectors such as education, sanitation, and Communication among others had received massive boosts under his tenure as assemblyman.

Mr Kaliwa speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said he lobbied for the establishment of two makeshift schools at Okuma-Akura and Adakope under his Electoral Area.

He again indicated that access to a communication network had been a major developmental challenge and concern for his Electoral Area over decades but under his watch, he joined the electoral area to a new MTN tower that ended the ‘no network’ trouble in the area.

The beneficiary Communities include Abongo-Akura, Papaye, Ayeremu, Chamba-Akura, Anyabour, Torgbe-Kope, Nwane, Survey Lane and Chain-Tokuro.

The aspirin
g assemblyman said the accumulated heaps of refuse sites in some communities were cleared to promote sanitation and improve the lives of the people.

Touching on farmers and Fulani’s issue, he said his Sterling leadership had helped to resolve the age-long problems between farmers and herdsmen.

He told GNA that for the first time in the area, farmers had been living with herdsmen without any issues as regards cattle grazing due to an amicable solution.

He noted that despite the many successes achieved, the electoral area was still having some developmental challenges but assured them of collective strategies to address them when retained.

He asked delegates to vote for him based on his experience and competence to enable him to complete ongoing projects and initiate others to improve livelihoods.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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