Cabinet Takes Key Policy Decisions; Receives Updates on External Support Triggers –

Monrovia, Liberia – Cabinet has taken major policy decisions and mandated appropriate actions that will enhance “Tier One Performance” of the administration’s agenda with a view to matching programs with implementation.

According to an Executive Mansion release, Cabinet reviewed and assessed critical outcomes including updates on the status of relevant legislations before the National Legislature vis-a-viz progress ratio; a comprehensive overview of the national energy agenda of the government in relations to infrastructure milestones; analyzed progress updates on seaports and airports – that pertained to improving port infrastructures in Monrovia and Greenville respectively as well as briefings on RIA runway, cargo ware-housing and a new terminal at the airport let alone commitments from funding agencies.

Cabinet also received updates regarding obtaining developments cum progress in the transportation sector, the recently launched Feeder Road Bus Service and its impact in terms of social dividends as well as highlighted administrative regulations on road the worthiness of the country’s road infrastructures, the lingering accreditation and effective monitoring of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) coupled the harmonization of policies that will ensure a sense of responsibility, accountability and transparency and a systematic breakdown of how to efficiently implement procurement efficiency in the public sector.

On the question of external support triggers, Cabinet was briefed and mandated the CSA to merge allowances on account of equity, expedite the validation of all government employees; that the PPCC effectuate its procurement accreditation system; whereas the Ministry of Lands Mines and Energy should embark on open competitive procurement relating to the energy sector while the Ministry of Education mandated proceed with the framework for equitable resource allocation in the education sector.

Meanwhile, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has urged her Cabinet to become fully engaged with the National Legislature in order to follow through on key legislations pertaining to their respective sectors with the aim of meeting strategic local, regional and international benchmarks.

SourceExecutive Mansion