(Im)migration News Recap, Aug. 12-18

Editor’s note: We wanted a way to keep you updated with the top immigration, migration and refugee stories every week � the ones that will most affect you, our international readers, viewers and listeners. We want you to know what’s happening, why and how it could impact your life, family or business, so we created a weekly digest of the top original immigration reporting from across VOA. Questions? Tips? Comments? Email the VOA immigration team: ImmigrationUnit@voanews.com.

Mediterranean migrant shift

More clandestine travelers are reaching Europe from Africa through Spain rather than Italy, a change of course that is also resulting in fewer migrant deaths, according to the U.N. Despite thousands more arrivals on the Iberian peninsula this year, the highest number of fatalities continues to be the stretch of Mediterranean en route to Italy.

U.S. migrant shift?

Immigrants from India are becoming increasingly common at the U.S.-Mexico border. They are now the fifth-largest group after immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, forcing U.S. officials to make accommodations.

Ugandan police: Slain refugee camp pastor called ‘witch’

Three people have been arrested in the slaying of a female pastor at a Uganda refugee camp. A police spokeswoman tells VOA jealousy from other religious leaders at the success of Bunia Margaret’s congregation is at the root of her killing.

U.N. mitigates Ebola risk from DRC refugees

As an increasing number of residents from two DRC provinces where Ebola is present flee violence in their home country to neighboring Uganda, health agencies are trying to keep up with the need to monitor for the disease. Dozens of Ebola deaths have been reported in eastern DRC.

U.S. politicians to Trump: We want more refugees

Hundreds of local and federal lawmakers and elected officials are pleading for the Trump administration to increase the number of arrivals in the coming fiscal year. But there’s little chance the president will budge.

Frequent fliers make skies friendlier for migrants

A U.S. charity is connecting travelers who want to donate airline reward miles with immigrant and refugee families who couldn’t afford to be reunited otherwise.

Science teacher gets last-ditch attempt to avoid deportation

VOA has been following the case of an undocumented science teacher in Kansas facing deportation � and this week, he learned he will have the chance to argue his case in front of an immigration judge.

Source: Voice of America