Ireland seeks Seychelles’ support for seat on UN Security Council

Ireland will seek the support of Seychelles for a seat on the United Nations Security Council for 2021-2022 as a non-permanent member, said an Irish special envoy.

We are going into an election in June next year and we face stiff competition, so we are looking for the support of Seychelles, Ambassador Kenneth Thomson said after meeting President Danny Faure at State House on Wednesday.

Thomson said that fortunately we have a very good relationship with the Seychelles which dates back for many years.

We have Irish nuns who came here and provided education to many people. We have developed a very healthy relationship in terms of education and tourism, added the special envoy.

On his part, Faure highlighted that Seychelles � a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean – and Ireland share excellent relations and expressed his hope that both countries renew their commitment to elevating bilateral cooperation to new heights.

Asked to comment on the alleged case of corruption involving Irish nationals who were formerly employed at the Seychelles’ Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Thompson said that: I am not party to that particular issue but as far as I know the issue is perhaps not as significant as it appeared.

Thomson added that he will not comment further and will let the institution investigating that matter to do its work.

The President and Ambassador Thompson also discussed matters of mutual interest including the challenges facing Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) and climate change.

The special envoy said that he hopes Faure will come to Ireland this year to address a conference which will focus on the importance of the ocean for Seychelles’ national development.

Thomson was accompanied to State House by the Irish Ambassador to Seychelles, Paul Sherlock.

Source: Seychelles News Agency