Liberia: ‘Baseless, Lies’

The Corporate Communications Strategist for Cellcom Telecommunications Dr. Kimmie Weeks says a recent press release issued by its competitor Lonestar MTN accusing Cellcom of sabotaging its networks to prevent it from providing 3 days free calls to its customers is “baseless, false, and intended to distract from Lonestar’s inability and unwillingness to provide cost saving promotions to its customers.”

In a press release issued Monday, Lonestar/MTN accused Cellcom of “deliberately congesting” its network. The company claimed that this was causing its customers to not be able to operationalize its version of Cellcom’s nationally popular three days free calls. But Dr. Kimmie Weeks said the statement from Lonestar/MTN is both ‘ridiculous and unfounded’.

“I can say without hesitation that Cellcom has not/nor will it ever have a need to jam Lonestar/MTN’s network. Lonestar/MTN is already failing miserably, we don’t need to do anything to an already falling giant,” Dr. Weeks indicated. He highlighting that the release from Lonestar was confirmation of age old concerns that Lonestar/MTN has flaws in its network security. “I think for subscribers to the yellow chicken need to be worried that their company is admitting to having weak security control over its network. Imagine the risk to their voice and mobile money subscribers who now cannot even be assured that the company they subscribe to is able to protect the security of their transactions,” Weeks pointed out.

He claimed that the release issued by Lonestar/MTN is a clear indication of that company’s frustration over the success of Cellcom’s 3 days free calls program. “… since we started this program which has saved Liberians thousands of dollars, Lonestar/MTN has been crying. They reported us to the House and Senate, they’ve gone to the LTA and done all of that to try to stop Cellcom from providing a beneficial service to the Liberian company.”

Responding of the allegation that Cellcom had sent text message to Lonestar subscribers, Dr. Weeks said: “Lonestar/MTN needs to answer that question first. We have evidence of them sending text messages to our subscribers.

They should not initiate actions against us and then cry foul.” Last week, Cellcom celebrated 3 years of providing its 3 days free calls program to the Liberian people. Cellcom’s 3 days free call is the longest running, unhindered promotion of its kind in Liberia.