Regional Bureau for West and Central Africa Education Newsletter, January 2021

International Day of Education 2021: Reimagining Education for All

January was all about education! Beside the celebration of the third International Day of Education which highlighted the pandemic’s opportunity to reimagine and revitalize education, this month also saw the launch of the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies, aimed at being a catalyst to accelerate progress towards SDG4 in crises and displacement contexts and help fulfill the commitments set out in the Global Compact for Refugees.

Nevertheless, in particularly vulnerable regions such as the central Sahel and the Lake Chad basin, the right of children to education is constantly challenged, due to insecurity, attacks and forced displacement. In this context, UNHCR West and Central Africa recently commissioned a regional study (Connectivity 4 Communication) on the importance of digital inclusion on the protection of refugee, internally displaced and stateless persons, which clearly shows the need to invest more in education and digital culture. The study highlights, for example, that the lack of digital skills and the digital gender divide are a barrier to access to technology and therefore to online educational resources, particularly for girls and for people with disabilities.

Now more than ever, we must come together to ensure that financing education for ALL is made a priority, especially in conflict- and displacement-affected countries.



Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees