Seychelles launches 15-year development strategy ‘to improve quality of life of our people’

Seychelles has launched its new national long-term vision and development strategy aimed at charting a pathway for future development.

The Vision 2033 and the National Development Strategy 2019-2023 was launched in a ceremony on Monday at the Seychelles’ International Conference Centre in Victoria, the capital.

In his address, the President of Seychelles, Danny Faure, said that the Seychelles Vision 2033 and its accompanying National Development Strategy present a clear view of where we are, where we want to go and over what time frame.

He said that it is a vision that will take Seychelles into the future and that will guide us to fulfill our ambition to improve the quality of life of our people.

The Vision 2033 will be achieved through the implementation of a series of three, five-year National Development Strategies, the first of which is 2019-2023. The strategies are based on six pillars including good governance, people at the centre of development, social cohesion, innovative economy, economic transformation, and environmental sustainability and resilience.

Work on Vision 2033 started in 2017 with a series of consultations with different sections of the Seychellois society.

We have spent more than two years on this visioning exercise, giving ourselves space and time to reflect on and imagine the kind of Seychelles we want for ourselves, for our children, and our country in 2033, said Faure.

The head of state of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, added that the plan sets out what the population would like us to work on between now and 2023. I am launching a call to each and every member of society to help us toward this vision. This Strategy is not just about government and services.

On his side, the Minister of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning, Maurice Loustau-Lalanne said, Through the series of consultations, we have received thousands of inputs and perspectives of the Seychellois people, reflecting the kind of Seychelles we want for our children and ourselves in 2033.

The two documents represent two tiers of the development trajectory of Seychelles over the foreseeable future added Loustau-Lalanne.

In the ceremony was also the launching of Vision 2033 logo which contains the colours of the national flag taking the form of the letter ‘V’, which represents vision.

The successful implementation of Vision 2033 will also contribute towards the realisation of Seychelles’ global and regional commitments as enshrined in the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

Source: Seychelles News Agency