PRETORIA, More than 50 per cent of sport federations in South Africa have reported senior and junior representative teams which are well below the envisaged 50 per cent representation target, according to the 5th Eminent Persons Group (EPG) report on the transformation status for 2016/17.

Despite this, some progress is being made in top codes such as cricket and rugby, which gives a glimpse into a future where transformation can be a reality, said Sport and Recreation Minister Tokozile Xasa, who released the report here Monday. The report is based on the analysis of data submitted by 19 federations.

The annual EPG audits to date have shown more than 50 per cent of sport federations have reported senior and underage representative teams and high performance pipelines featuring demographic black African profiles well below 50 per cent,” she said.

It is possible that some of these federations could be faced with longer term sustainability challenges if this issue is not more proactively dealt with.”

The report showed, however, that at a governance and decision-making level, 60 per cent of federations audited have elected black presidents into position, and almost 70 per cent have reported the election of boards who are more than 50 per cent black.

Women representation at board level has also been shown to be improving in that seven out of the 19 federations have reported female representation at board level larger than that prescribed by the [transformation] Charter, said Xasa.

She is optimistic that demographic representation in national senior male teams of athletics, cricket, football, volleyball, boxing and table tennis have all achieved the charter target with netball, chess, gymnastics, hockey and rugby moving in the right direction to achieve this interim milestone.