Lesotho is feeling the strain from South Africa’s current weak economy.

The Mountain Kingdom’s Labour and Employment Minister, Thulo Mahlakeng, says the impact is worse on the Basotho people.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the International Labour Conference underway in Geneva Switzerland. The conference is chaired by South Africa this year.

Lesotho is a land-locked nation of just over 30,000 square kilometres completely surrounded by South Africa and highly dependent on South Africa.

Out of a population of two million, nearly half, if not more, are working in South African homes, farms and mines.

However, now even the trusted employer, South Africa, is battling its own economic crisis. The effects of a slowing economy are stretching South Africa’s beyond borders and with South Africa battling its own problems, Lesotho has been hard hit.

The drought has worsened the livelihood of the Basotho and food prices are soaring in the kingdom.

The government has a plan to ease the burden. Mahlakeng said Lesotho had already approached Botswana and other countries for assistance.

He said he was grateful to South Africa for the special dispensation for work permits for the Basotho and had encouraged more Basotho to apply

Source: Nam News Network