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Africa poses critical challenge for World Bank, IMF

Global heat maps of extreme poverty show Africa in deep red.

And the problem will only accelerate as population on the continent grows in coming decades.

“The problems are very real and are large,” newly installed World Bank President David …

South Africa: Ruling party ANC voices “full confidence” in president implicated in election donation scandal

CAPE TOWN, The ruling African National Congress (ANC) on Saturday voiced full confidence in President Cyril Ramaphosa who is implicated in an election donation scandal.

Ramaphosa has the ANC’s full confidence in his ability to champion efforts of building South …

Doctors: Detainee Allegedly Tortured in Sudan Dies

KHARTOUM – A Sudanese civilian detained and allegedly tortured by security agents in a central town has died in custody, a doctors committee linked to the country’s protest movement said Sunday.

The man died on Saturday in the town of …

IS Decentralizing Into ‘Provinces’ in Bid to Return

WASHINGTON – A series of Islamic State (IS) announcements of new provinces it controls in recent weeks has renewed debate over the group’s possible resurgence after its self-proclaimed caliphate fell, with some analysts warning an increasingly decentralized IS could recover …

Signed in Seychelles: Ports in the Indian Ocean want to harmonize cruise ship experience

A study on how to upgrade port services in the Indian Ocean at the same level was commissioned this week.

The signing took place in Seychelles, the country holding the chairmanship of the Vanilla Islands Group.

The Director General of …