Go digital or risk losing out of business – Private health providers advised

The Healthcare Federation of Ghana has urged private health service providers to take advantage of the current technological advancements to improve services to their clients.

The Federation noted that the wave of digital transformation globally was revolutionising various industries, hence it was imperative for the private health sector to adapt it in earnest. The private health service providers have no option than to adopt the digital health practices, involving the digitalisation of business processes thus allowing patients to exchange personal health data to foster data-driven decision-making.

Dr Maxwell Antwi, the Country Director of PharmAccess Group Ghana and Board Member of the Healthcare Federation of Ghana, made the call at a cocktail in Accra on Friday.

Unity in diversity should be a guiding principle for the growth of every Association, he stated.

‘Digital transformation, data connectivity and personal data exchange are transforming many industries globally, but health is left behind,’ Dr An
twi said.

He cited various technological advancements in the telecommunication industry mentioning P and T, the town postmaster, mobitel sim card, CDs and DVDs, which were currently out of the system.

He said adopting digital health and digitalisation of business processes would create an enabling environment for patients to exchange their personal health data and position their businesses on the right track.

‘If you cannot stop the storm, adjust your sails. Come under one umbrella and ride on one elephant,’ Dr Antwi advised.

Sharing his thoughts on policy-making and implementation processes in the country, he said the health sector alone contributed about five per cent to Ghana’s GDP and 20 per cent to GDP growth, hence it deserved a seat at the political table.

‘It is said that if you are not around the table then you are on the menu to be eaten. Therefore, it is better to be around the table to be heard and listened to. The best option is to be the chef in the kitchen who prepares the menu,’ Dr Antwi

He charged private health providers to be at the centre of influencing health agenda for politicians, especially as the 2024 Election approaches, adding; ‘It’s crucial to be part of Manifesto discussions’.

Dr Lynda Ajoa, the First Vice President of the West African Private Healthcare Federation, expressed concerns about the existing state of healthcare delivery in Ghana.

She noted that the absence of affordable financing for private health providers hindered the quality of healthcare delivery, thus impeding the realisation of the Universal Health Coverage.

She, therefore, appealed to the Government to consider lowering the interest rates to enable companies access affordable loans to ensure quality healthcare delivery.

Dr Samuel Donkor, the President, Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, expressed the Association’s readiness to partner with the private health service providers to improve the quality of care to patients.

The Healthcare Federation of Ghana is the country chapter of the Africa Healthcar
e Federation affiliated to the African Union.

It comprised regional federations; West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, North Africa and Southern Africa federations.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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