Lower Manya Krobo GES urges completion of Amedeka JHS building

The Municipal Director of the Ghana Education Service in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality, Mr. Samuel Kwesi Tettey, has expressed concern over the delay in completing the Amedeka Junior High School facility at Akuse in the Eastern Region. He noted that the early completion of the educational facility was imperative to addressing the pressing infrastructure needs of the district. During an interview with the Ghana News Agency, he mentioned that this challenge became apparent during a visit to the school in the Akuse Circuit. Following the visit, he had a meeting with the Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Simon Kweku Tetteh, to explore possible solutions. According to Mr Tettey, there were disagreements among parents regarding the relocation of the school to a new site. Some parents strongly opposed the idea of constructing a new building for the school, as it had previously been situated elsewhere. The parents requested a building to be constructed at the previous location, which is located quite a distance from Akuse town. He stated that the Mount Mary demonstration school received the structure due to concerns about its relocation and finding a suitable location. He said several students walked to Akuse to attend junior high school due to their dissatisfaction with the current building. He urged non-governmental organisations, stakeholders, the government, and other parties to come together and help complete the building to secure a better future for generations to come. ‘I will be presenting the situation at our third quarter municipal education oversight committee meeting so that we can know the way forward to ensure quality education from the Municipal Assembly,’ he added. Mr. Tettey indicated that the building’s disruptive nature had been causing distractions for students during classes and that it would be beneficial if the construction was completed to allow students to focus better during class hours. He said the current condition of the pavilion-like structure had also resulted in a decrease in the number of students enrolled at the junior high school level.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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