Angola holds XII CPLP Ministers of Education Meeting

The XII Meeting of Ministers of Education of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) takes place Wednesday in Luanda.

The participants in the event will conduct intermediate evaluation of the Action Plan of Multilateral Cooperation for the sector, from 2022 to 2024.

According to the Angolan Ministry of Education, which chairs the organisation, the meeting will officially launch the “CPLP Friendly Schools” initiative.

The event will also identify concerns that may be the target of a search for projects in the community.

The participants will also promote cooperation with international organisations, with emphasis on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), through the project “Education in Emergency Situations”.

Taking place under the motto “Multilateral Cooperation, a Safe Path to Transformational Education in the CPLP”, the event will discuss among other topics, the “Promotion of educational cooperation with a view to transforming educational systems in the CPLP.

Created on July 17, 1996, in Lisbon, Portugal, the CPLP is made up of nine Member States.

They are Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and East Timor.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)

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