DRC-Rwanda crisis: Congolese soldier shot dead after injuring two at Rwanda border

KINSHASA/KIGALI, An armed Congolese soldier was shot dead at the Rwanda-DR Congo border in Rubavu after he entered Rwanda and indiscriminately fired at border and security personnel on duty.

He was shot by a Rwanda National Police officer on guard at around 8:45a.m Friday, according to a statement from the Rwanda Defence Force.

The Rwandan police officer shot back in self-defence and to protect civilians crossing the Petite Barriere border post, the RDF said, adding the Congolese soldier had walked 25 metres inside the Rwandan territory.

Two Rwandan police officers were injured from gunshots fired by the attacker, the military said, without releasing further details on the extent of the injuries.

The incident has since been reported to the Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism for investigation, the RDF said, referring to a DR Congo-based regional body that monitors and investigates cross-border security incidents.

Officials from both sides have since met at the scene.

A picture of what is believed to be the body of the Congolese attacker lying on the ground shows that he was armed with what appears to be an AK 47 rifle.

He was in a full combat FARDC (Congolese army) uniform with a heavy raincoat.

“We assure the public that the situation at the border is now calm,” the statement from the military reads in part.

The motivation of the attacker remains unclear but tension has heightened between Rwanda and DR Congo in recent days following renewed conflict between FARDC and the M23 rebels in the country’s east.